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Socks and Other Dirty Laundry Star in Candid Beyonce Music Video

By | November 24, 2014

Beyonce’s new album is out today, and a few days ago she released the first music video for it, “7/11.” The video is made up of a series of candid, DIY shots of Beyonce and her posse dancing around a hotel in their socks and underwear. The video feels like it could have been shot on someone’s (Jay’s?) phone, and the simplicity and candor of the video create the illusion of a rare glimpse into Bey’s life when she’s not performing.

King B and her crew sport a number of sock styles throughout the video. The opening shot feature’s Beyonce on a hotel balcony wearing a sweatshirt that only reads: “KALE.” The next clip features a costume change, with Bey still on the balcony but now in denim cutoffs and some multi-colored slouch crew songs, not unlike these Yelete Neon Retro Crew Socks.

Yelete Neon Retro Crew Sock

The video progresses to other locales: from the balcony, to the bathroom, to the bedroom of her hotel. In the bathroom, Beyonce’s “Smack It” underwear is accented by some casual and comfortable black-and-white quarter socks. Later, sidestepping down the hotel hallway, over the knee socks set one dancer apart from the others. You can replicate the look with some Julietta Retro Stripe Over the Knee socks.

Julietta Retro Stripe Over the Knee Socks

Just in time for Christmas, Beyonce ends up popping out of a box under the tree towards the video’s conclusion, modeling a number of amazing holiday sweaters and some whimsical holiday socks.

Like the right socks to a complete outfit, the magic of this music video is in the details. The home-video style provides a sense of spontaneity and comfort. Easy to miss cameos from Jay-Z and Blue Ivy sweeten the pot, and confirm that the entire family was in on the making of this video. What would your family’s own hotel music video look like? You don’t have to be Beyonce to look good in your PJs.

More Men Opting for Stylish Socks

By | July 22, 2014

Colorful socks have solidified their place as a must-have in the stylish man’s wardrobe.

The Wall Street Journal reported recently on the trend of more men ditching the drab browns and blacks and greys in ther workplace socks for fun, colorful, and whimsical socks.  Apparently the trend originated in athletics in the mid-2000’s, and socks for every other occasion have followed suit.  While there is always the time and place for a traditional dress sock, many work places, even fairly conservative ones, have seen men opting to express themselves with socks that match their personalities.  In places that require suits, the tie was seen as one of the few items a man could personalize, but it is now open season on socks.  It still takes skill to match more colorful or patterned socks to suits and outfits, but with our large selection of men’s dress socks, you can pick out multiple socks for much cheaper than the $14-$18 per pair that the Wall Street Journal reports some are paying for a single pair.

Click to read the full Wall Street Journal Article: More Men Step Out in Stylish Socks

Fall Sock Trends

By | August 13, 2012

Although hard to believe, fall is right around the corner. We’re looking forward to fall for the crunchy leaves, crisp air, football, and of course fall fashion! You’ll want to keep your toes warm on those chilly nights, so here are some ways to incorporate socks into the trends of the season.

fall sock trends

Slouch Socks

If you paid attention to Victoria Beckham’s fall 2012 collection at New York Fashion Week, then you must have noticed all the heavy boots. Of course, boots are not new to fall fashion, but all of the boots were worn over cozy slouch socks that fell just below the knee. What a trendy way to keep warm!

Another fall 2012 trend is the preppy look. I am talking ankle pants, letterman sweaters, and penny loafers. Slouch socks would also complete that look. A couple pairs could become very versatile in your wardrobe for the season.

victoria beckham fall 2012 slouch socks


If you are thinking color, then it will be helpful to know that fall’s 2012 sock colors are pretty basic. The list includes white, burgundy, navy, and black.

Knee highs

Knee-high socks look great paired with dresses and skirts or even with skinny jeans. Just like with the slouch socks, a good look for knee highs is to have them peeking out of tall boots. Look for knitted pairs, definitely not the athletic tube sock look.

Thigh Highs

Not only are knee highs a trend, but over-the-knee socks are also a great fall look.If you’re going to wear thigh highs with a skirt or shorts, be sure they’re not too tight around the top.  This style would look good with boots or heels, as seen on the starlets above.

celebrities wearing thigh high socks

These are some of the trends and how to rock them (and keep warm)! Get your socks ready; chilly nights will be here soon!

Image sources: Shoe WaWa, College Fashion

Knitting Enthusiasts Gather At Sock Summit

By | January 8, 2011
It’s a shame socks are often considered the least important clothing item, especially when the comfort of the feet depends so much on them. Those who consider socks not just a necessity, but a passion, gather every summer at the Sock Summit, in Portland, OR.The summit began in 2009, and revolves around knitting. That first year, the participants broke the Guinness World Record for number of people knitting at the same time–937, to be exact. No word as to whether they’ll break their previous record.
Knitting Kit-Jimin

Knitting Kit-Jimin (Photo credit: nist6ss)


The activities revolve around the finer points of knitting. One of the highlights from 2009 is the vast selection of 1-day classes offered. For a fee ranging from $15 to $140, based on the time, you can learn how:

  • to knit bavarian stockings
  • to knit arch-shaped stockings
  • to knit argyle socks
  • to knit crochet socks
  • to make socks last longer
  • to podcast about socks

The classes vary in difficulty, though the easiest assume some form of knitting experience.

The summit relies on the help of its participants and volunteers to provide the classes, as well as another impressive project at the summit: The Sock Museum. Volunteers knit replicas of socks as they would have been knitted throughout history–some are categorical socks, such as “Evening Stocking for the Young Lady,” from the early 20th century. Others are quite specific, such as the Confederate and Union socks, or the earliest example of knit socks, discovered in Egypt and dating back to 300-600 AD.

The exhibit occupies a place at the summit, though you can also view the varying knitting developments in socks in a timeline on the website. (

If you’re interested, sign up for the mailing list on the organization’s website. You may even be inspired to create your own exhibit.

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