Famous People with Diabetes

Guess who else has diabetes…

People with diabetes can live regular, active lives just like those who don’t have the disease. There are several well known athletes that have played, and currently play professional sports. There are also many celebrities, politicians, and musicians that have not let diabetes get in the way of accomplishing their goals and dreams. HereĀ  is a list of a few well known celebrities, athletes, and politicians that you might not have known have diabetes.


  • Jay Cutler, NFL: Currently the starting QB for the Chicago Bears
  • Wade Wilson, NFL: QB for 17 years and is currently the quarterbacks coach of the Dallas Cowboys
  • Joe Gibbs, NFL: Former head coach of the Washington Redskins and lead the team to 8 playoff appearances and three super bowl titles. He currently owns a NASCAR Championship team
  • Kenny Duckett, NFL: Former wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints
  • Kendall Simmons, NFL: Former offensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steeleres
  • Everson Walls, NFL: Former Cornerback and Safety for the Dallas Cowboys
  • Jerry Stackhouse, NBA: Won the national championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011
  • Walt Frazier, NBA: Won 2 NBA championships with the New York Knicks and is a 7 time NBA All-Star
  • Chris Dudley, NBA: Played 16 seasons and was a nominee for the Governor of Oregon in 2010.
  • Adam Morrison, NBA: 3rd overall pick in the 2006 NBA draft and standout at Gonzaga University
  • Larry Miller: Former owner of the Utah Jazz, businessman, and philanthropist
  • Ty Cobb, MLB: Outfielder for the Detroit Tigers and is regarded as one of the best players of all time. He set 90 MLB records and is a member of the MLB hall of fame
  • Jackie Robinson, MLB: First African American MLB player and played with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He is in hte Baseball Hall of Fame and his number, 42, has been retired in all major league teams.
  • Mark Lowe, MLB: Current pitcher for the Texas Rangers
  • Brandon Morrow, MLB: Starting pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Dmitri Young, MLB: Former first basement in the MLB and had 2 all star appearances
  • Ron Santo, MLB: Chicago Cubs legendary 3rd baseman who won Five Gloves and is a 9 time all star


  • Bret Michaels- TV celebrity and lead singer. Also won the Celebrity Apprentice on NBC and donated his $250,000 prize to the American Diabetes Association
  • Nick Jonas- singer of the Jonas Brothers
  • Halle Berry- Actress
  • Randy Jackson- Grammy Award winning producer and tv personality. Most of you know him as a judge on American Idol
  • Salma Hayek- Actress developed gestational diabetes during her pregnancy
  • Patti LaBelle- Singer
  • Anne Rice- Author (sold over 100 million copies of her books world wide)
  • Larry King- Talk Show host on CNN
  • Mary Tyler Moore- Actress
  • Sherri Shepherd- Actress, Comedian, and co-host of “The View”
  • Drew Carey- Comedian and game show host of the Price is Right


  • Mike Huckabee- Governor of Arkansas
  • Sonia Sotomayor- Supreme Court Justice
  • King Fahd- King of Saudi Arabia
  • Menachem Begin- Prime Minister of Israel
  • Bill Janklow- Former Governor of South Dakota
  • Joseph Kolter- Representative from Pennsylvania
  • James Lloyd- Congressman from California
  • Buddy Roemer- Former Governor of Louisiana and 2012 presidential candidate