General Grooming

Foot Beauty for Everyone

Many men think “foot beauty” solely targets women’s foot care: high heel comfort, spa schedules, and nail polish shades. While we do cover these topics, it’s very important for everyone to adapt foot grooming routines. When we say “beauty,” we’re not just talking about pink toenails; we’re also referring to the proper maintenance and hygiene habits everyone should follow in order to have healthy, good-looking feet. Don’t view general foot grooming and pedicures as a feminine activity; instead, think of it as a practical way to de-funk your feet and take care of the most important—and often, most neglected—parts of your body. Trimming toenails, removing calluses, and moisturizing your feet can make standing, walking, and physical activity easier, and the massages that accompany pedicures not only feel refreshing, but they help stimulate blood flow in the legs and feet.

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How to Have Friendlier Feet

While feet aren’t the prettiest of parts to pamper, it’s important not to forget these trusty sidekicks. In the warmer seasons, we expose our bare feet to harsh conditions like heat, sand, pavement, and sweaty sandals. Even when it’s not flip flop season, it’s important to keep our feet prim and proper for all occasions.  In the cooler months, our feet face frigid temperatures that leave them parched and flaky. Follow these easy steps on a regular basis and soon they’ll look, smell, and feel like a million bucks.

1. Clean: Wash your feet on a daily basis. Use lukewarm water, mild soaps, and always rinse thoroughly. Don’t forget to wash between your toes and under your toenails.

2. Remove: To remove excess skin and smooth roughness, use exfoliating soaps or try a pumice stone once you dry off.

3. Trim: Tidy up and file any longer or uneven toenails. Trim straight across and don’t cut them too short—ingrown toenails are painful and uninviting.

4. Moisturize: Your feet get thirsty, so make sure to choose creams and lotions with rich ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, or Rosemary and Peppermint extracts for deep penetration, nourishment, and relief.

5. Refresh: Let your feet breathe every once in a while by walking around barefoot, airing them out at night, or soaking them in a warm foot bath.

6. Balance: Always balance how often you wear loafers, high-heels, or flip flops that provide little or no support with cushiony tennis shoes and boots, and always, always wear fresh socks.

Practical Grooming Essentials

It’s wise to keep the following tools and products readily available for weekly to bi-monthly grooming (you should groom more often during summer months due to an increase in foot exposure). These tools and products can typically be found at the local drugstore:

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