Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion A-Z

2012 Fashion Trends: Shine on this Summer!

Au Naturel

Summer is the best time to let that beautiful skin shine! Also, because of the heat and humidity, heavy foundations and creams can wreak havoc on your skin. Simple solution? Go au naturel! Let the summer rays give your skin a natural glow. But if you just can’t bear to go bare, nix the foundation and replace it with a tinted moisturizer for subtle coverage.



Big, soft, flowy hair is in, and out are the crunchy strands and curls! Salons called “Dry Bars” are even popping up here and there, just for the purpose of a celebrity-inspired blowout.


Cat Eyes

Retro style is back, and one of the sleekest ways to wear this trend is the cat eye! Cat eye sunglasses and reading glasses combine this vintage trend with modern flair, for a look that’s totally cute and works.

cat eye sunglasses


Denim (the brighter, the better!) 

So you know that bright colors are in this spring, and a great place to keep them is in your denim! From full-length pants, to crops, even shorts, colored denim is going to be everywhere. Help keep colors bright with minimal washing and dryings.

colored denim



The bigger, the better! Statement earrings were all over the runway recently, so expect to see some large ones this summer. Stock up on earrings featuring big beads and feathers, in a wide variety of colors.



Who doesn’t think of flowers for spring? This trend comes back  year after year, and for good reason – it’s pretty, easy to style, and works for everyone! Wear a floral print as the focal point, or if you’re feeling bold, mix it with some other prints! Our favorite: florals and stripes!



Ditch the heavy eyeliners in lieu of some gorgeous gold shimmer! Gold is great for summer and compliments a bronzed look perfectly. It also makes blue eyes pop. Pair this with some wavy air-dried locks for a perfect Boho look.


Heels with Socks

This isn’t always a fashion faux pas! With the right socks, and the right heels, this can be a fun, flirty, and ultra-feminine look! The best way to do this is to pair some pretty ankle length socks (like lace or in a great color) with a solid color heel. We love these lace anklet socks by Steve Madden!



Nothing looks great under the sun like a little bit of sparkle! Whether it’s slightly shimmery skin, glittery nails, or some gorgeous opal jewelry, summer is your excuse to shine!


Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are rich, vibrant tones that are similar to that of gemstones. Embody the colors of jade, azurite, ruby, and amethyst and incorporate them into your daily wardrobe.

jewel tones



Everyone loves a cute kitty, now you can love them on print! Cat printed items have been popping up all over the place, made famous in the line by Victoria Beckham. Now you can find these furry guys decorating clothing, jewelry, shoes, even makeup!


Lace is the ultimate girly fabric, and it’s been spotted everywhere! From pretty feminine tops to nails, even shoes, lace is a safe investment. We’re currently loving these lace booties (SO cute with a pair of heels).



Magenta is a highly coveted color this spring, and you can wear it in pastel form, or do it bold to pack a punch.  Wear this one everywhere, from your head to your toe(nails)!


Bold nail colors are going to be hot! Colors like orange, magentas, pastels, and lovely mint greens have been popping up all over the place. Accent nails are also in, so add some sparkles, or don a different color to set one nail off from the rest.



 The official Pantone color of 2012 is “Tangerine Tango,” a bright, punchy orange that’s going to be everywhere! Wear this fabulous color on your nails, lips, accessories, and clothing. You’ll get so many compliments!



This spring, there’s nothing prettier than pastels! In all colors, from pink to orange to mint, you need pastels in your life! Wear these colors everywhere – tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, accessories, and  even your nails. There’s no bad place for a pastel!



Sometime’s it’s fun to let down your hair and be a little silly! Quirky fashion is in, and online retailers like ModCloth make it easy to incorporate cute pieces into your wardrobe. Whether it’s a funky ring, over-the-top headband, or a shirt with a fun print, let your wild side shine!

quirky things



Don’t be caught in those puddles left by the April showers without proper footwear! Luckily, rainboots now are stylish enough that you actually want to wear them! Hunter rainboots are popular, with many shapes and colors for men, women, and children.


Sporty (or shiny??)

Believe it or not, sportswear has been popping up on the runways this season! There are several ways you can get in on this trend – wear a cute, fitted jersey, rock some sneakers, or grab a pair of striped tube socks!

sporty socks

Tribal Prints

Bring out your inner sass with some tribal prints! If you want to go bold, but are scared of bright colors, tribal prints may be for you. They do mix colors, but you can select between black and white, or several earth-tone prints. Since these are loud prints, it’s best to wear them just in one piece if you’re experimenting with this trend. Do you love tribals?

tribal prints



No… underwear isn’t trending, but sheer fabrics are! This means you’ll want to have on your best looking under-things when you rock the sheer trend. Remember to use this trend in taste though – no sheer fabrics in a professional environment, and keep it minimal. Don’t bare it all; leave things to the imagination!



Vintage styles seem to linger, and they’re definitely back this season! The hit show Mad Men brought back fedoras and classically tailored looks, while cat-eye sunglasses are oh-so-popular right now. For some great vintage pieces, scour your local thrift stores, boutiques, and Goodwills. You never know what treasures you may find!



White on white – would you? This summer, you can! Runways were filled with models dressed head-to-toe in white, and they looked perfectly pretty. Mix a white dress with an ivory blazer, or some cropped white denim with a flowy white tank.


X-pressing Yourself

Confidence is the biggest trend of all time, so whatever you’re wearing, make sure to own it! Confidence can be seen a mile away, and is the best accessory you can have. When you feel good, you look good!



Anytime orange is on trend, you know yellow is near by! Yellows work well in pastels, but expect to see some bright lemony hues as well. Yellows will be everywhere, from tops to bottoms, to handbags and sunglasses. Doesn’t it just make you smile looking at it?

yellow sunglasses



Most dresses and other garments try to conceal their zippers, but zippers are becoming fashionable! They’re being used as embellishments on dresses and clutches, and even in a headband!