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Summer Olympics 2016

By | August 8, 2016

Rio-OlympicsWearing the right socks is not only important as an Olympic athlete it’s also important in your daily life. Over 200 countries are competing for the most gold medals. The Summer Olympics are upon us and an important part of the games are the products that the athletes use to stay healthy. Most of them wear socks, with the exception of a few sports. Keeping one’s feet cool, dry, and healthy is an important part of the games.

The track and field athletes need special shoes to run, sprint, or throw as well as they do. They also need socks to go inside those shoes. Most runners swear by compression socks according to They use them as a tool for recovery during and after they are running.

  • Do wear socks that are breathable and made for athletic activity
  • According to, you should not wear cotton socks. Rather, wearing acrylic is better, particularly when running.
  • Don’t wear the same socks you’d wear to the office. That is wool or thin socks. Those won’t keep you cool and they will make your feet stink worse
  • Do have some cushion in your socks, especially on the bottom. This way, your feet won’t hurt as much when you’re done.
  • Always try on new sneakers with socks that you’d wear with them. You don’t want to fit thin socks and then have the shoes tight with thick socks.

Wearing proper footwear, as mentioned before is important for your health and well-being. Socks are the first defense when doing any sort of activity. Check out Socks4Life’s full line of athletic socks for men and women here.