Socks for Outdoor Activities

I spend a lot of time active outside. What socks should I wear?

outdoor socks

Individuals who work outside, or who simply enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, fishing, hunting, or camping, need the appropriate socks to keep their feet warm and dry. There’s nothing more miserable than being stuck outside in the cold, with feet that are wet and chilled to the bone. And who wants a blistered foot after a hot day outside doing yard work? We’ve all been there!

Read on for foot and sock tips for the outdoor adventurer.

Cool-Weather Activitiesthermal socks

Do you love a weekend of brisk fall camping and hiking? Or do you enjoy heading out into the snow to take in the scenery? Maybe you don’t care for the cold, but you have to deal with it as you shovel your car out for the umpteenth time. When heading out for any outdoor activity during cool or cold weather, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared with the right socks. Here are some cool-to-cold weather sock tips:

  • Wear a pair of thick thermal socks for the most warmth. They should fit snugly, but not so tight that they cut off your circulation. When purchasing thermal socks, pay attention to the temperatures they are best for. For example, these socks will keep your feet warm from negative 5 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  They are perfect for snowy weather, but may be too warm for cool fall days.
  • When buying new hiking or snow boots, always try them on with the thermal socks you intend to pair with them. Thick socks might give a snug fit to your otherwise spacious shoe. Make sure your boots are water resistant, breathable, and comfortable.
  • If your socks get wet while camping, dry them off quickly by setting them near the fire. They’ll be water-free and warm in no time!
  • Avoid cotton socks if you’re headed out into the rain or snow. Cotton is notorious for not drying well.

 Warm-Weather Activitiesboot socks

If you prefer to enjoy the great outdoors during warmer months, you’re not alone. Hiking, fishing, biking, and walking are all favorite outside activities when the days become longer. However, summer heat and humidity leads to blisters and other foot problems, so here are some warm-to-hot weather sock tips:

  • If you’re planning a long hike, consider wearing a pair of thin, fast-drying socks underneath thick boot socks. The fast-drying quality of polyester, nylon, spandex, or acrylic material will wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry. The thick boot socks will keep your feet padded and comfortable inside your hiking boots. Ladies, check out these polyester socks and boot socks. Guys, here are thin socks and boot socks.
  • Do not wear cotton socks if there is a chance your feet could become damp or moist.
  • Read our guide on preventing blisters if your feet are prone to them.
  • Use foot powder at the end of the day to keep your feet dry, itch-free, and smelling fresh (your friends will thank you).

Have fun enjoying the great outdoors!