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In the age of outrageous celebrity getups and inventive runways trends, it seems like everyone’s breaking the traditional rules of fashion these days. And just when you’ve mastered one look-of-the-moment, it’s suddenly old news:  one day leopard print and lace are in, the next it’s neon and neckties. When it comes to foot fashion, the rules are just as fickle and change constantly with the season. Heels with socks used to be a definite faux pas, but now they’re a sophisticated, chic look. Slouch socks peeking out of ankle boots? Another fashion faux perfect. For men looking for a rulebook for dress socks, luckily there’s one guideline that never seems to change (note: your mother was always right): never wear your workout socks with oxfords or loafers. Read the Heel to Toe lowdown on the rest of the ins, outs, trends, train wrecks, and dos and don’ts of sock styling.

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