Diabetic Socks Types and Styles

Diabetic Socks Can be Stylin’ Too!

Gone are the days when all diabetic socks were all of the white, tube sock variety! Just like normal socks, there are plenty of options for diabetic sock styles, colors and uses. While this is great news for those of us who’d like to wear our diabetic socks with slacks to work, it can be confusing.

For example, there are toe-less diabetic socks that accommodate those who often get painful bunions. More common are closed-toe diabetic socks. There are diabetic compression socks that help pregnant women who are also diabetic, as well as those with other problems such as cellulite.

Finally, diabetic socks come in different styles so the wearer can be fashionable, or have good socks for work, school, or sports. Our guide to different types of fashion and dress socks breaks down the different styles so you are prepared for every occasion.

To find the types of diabetic sock for you, first think about where you’ll be wearing the socks– around the house? At work? Next, consider your specific needs. Do you get bunions or are you suffering from gestational diabetes? Read the labels when shopping for diabetic socks to make sure your needs are covered.

Diabetics can find sock styles including:

For more information on the types of material for diabetic socks and finding the ones that are right for you, check out our section on the best diabetic socks.