2013 Nail Polish Trends

Spring and Summer Nail Trends

Sandal weather is upon us, which means it’s time to show off those toes! And what better way to coax your feet out of hibernation than with a pedicure and polish? Strut your stuff this season with these bold and sophisticated 2013 nail polish trends!

pastel nail trends 2012Creamy pastel hues are making their mark this year! Subtle shades like mint and lavender can add effortless sophistication to any look without being overpowering. Perfect for work or play, pastel polish should be a staple in your spring and summer collection.

neon nail trends 2012Embrace the color craze! Neon nails are resurfacing just in time to make a big summer splash. Pair highlighter-hued polish with soft-colored clothing for a modern take on this playful style — without fear of an ’80s flashback!

neutral nail trends 2012Referred to as foundation nails, these neutral shades are meant to complement your skin tone in a barely-there manner. If lady-like style is what you’re after, pair milky polish with a floral sundress or pastel shorts for a delectable and delicate summer look!

Picking the Right Polish for Your Skin Tone

Knowing which trend best suits you can be a challenge. One way to make the most of this year’s colors is by selecting the shades that look best against your skin tone. Start by holding a white piece of paper against the underside of your wrist to determine if you have warm or cool undertones. Skin that appears blue or purple in comparison to the paper is considered cool, while skin tones that look yellow or olive are classified as warm. Once you classify your skin color, use our handy color charts to paint your own nail masterpiece!

hues for warm undertones hues for cool undertones

Remember – pairing your polish with your skin tone isn’t a hard and fast rule. Don’t be afraid to match your nails to an outfit or to experiment with color and patterns!