Fashion Sock & Shoe Trends

Which fashion socks look the best with my shoes?

feet fashionMatching a shoe to a sock can be difficult, because everyone is working with different proportions: long, short, wide, petite, etc. The key to looking fabulous is to keep lines along the body looking as long and lean as possible. Do this by playing up your features — got legs for miles? Work those thigh highs! — and sticking to similar color combinations with the shoe and sock (well, most of the time, but we’ll get to that later). These methods create the illusion of longer lines, meaning slimmer-looking legs, ankles, and feet. For warmer weather, these trends look better with bare legs, but in colder weather, wear tights or leggings underneath sock and shoe combos for a layering effect. Find out which socks look best with the hottest shoes for each seasons.


A pair of heeled pumps looks fresh paired with knee highs, thigh highs, or slouch socks. Closed-toe pumps (round or pointed) are the easiest to pull off, but peep-toes and Mary Janes look great too, if styled with the right outfit. Bright pumps pop against slimming black socks of any length. Try bold patterns or feminine details for a retro spin on the sexiest of shoes.

Wedges, Platforms, and Chunky Heels

Knee socks help balance out the heavy look of chunky heels, wedges, and platforms. Ribbed or smooth scrunch socks in all shades or anklet socks look posh with open toed heels and give an updated, modern twist that looks comfy but classy.

Ankle Boots

While solid-colored or patterned thigh highs are always a welcomed addition to casual leather or lace-up ankle boots, thicker, ribbed slouch socks are the latest trend. Make sure the “scrunch” of the sock peeks out above the boot. For dressier or heeled ankle boots, opt for a smoother, dressier fabric, and either pull them up or still scrunch away. This look adds texture, edge, and instant runway status.

Riding and Over-the-Knee Boots

Knee high and thigh high socks will show slightly when you wear these shoes, but the look is cute or daring, depending on the boot. With riding boots, wear soft, luxurious knee highs in pastel or crème colors: They’re like mini sweaters for your legs and feet. With over-the-knee-boots, pump up the wow factor with a sliver of jewel-toned or patterned thigh highs peeking out the top.


These menswear-inspired shoes for women are insanely popular: both the heeled and flat versions are trendy. Channel your inner school girl and pair with knee or thigh highs, ankle socks for a crisp, clean finish, or slouch socks for easygoing geek-chic.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats tend to be lower cut than other shoe styles, which means more sock is visible at your foot — both a good and bad thing. Stay away from extremes like ankle and thigh highs, and stick with knee socks or slouch socks. Flats look perfect with knee socks for a feminine look, or paired with ruffled socks for a sweet and sassy contrast.

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