Clothing Choices for Fashion Socks

What clothes do I pair with my fashion socks?

sock fashion

Knee Highs

Dressy shorts and shorter dresses or skirt with a belle or a-line shape work best. Pleats are fine, but don’t do plaid or argyle: you don’t want to be mistaken for a school girl or bagpiper. Keeping your skirt simple with elegant or feminine details helps maintain a sophisticated and grown-up look. Shorter lengths look best with knee socks because they keep your legs looking long in proportion to your body. If you are uncomfortable showing that much skin, you can layer tights underneath your knee socks for extra coverage, layering, and warmth.

Thigh Highs

For daytime and work, wear underneath an a-line dress or suit skirt as an alternative for pantyhose. For an edgier night-out look, toss on a loose-fitting mini or sweater dress with these—the looser fit will balance out the tight socks. To avoid overexposure or too much sex appeal, make sure your hemline is a reasonable length and opt for a dress or skirt that’s slouchy, feminine, or flowy, not tight and sexy.

Slouch Socks

Bare legs are chicest with these socks, so always opt for shorts, skirts, rolled up jeans, and shorter dresses. Toss on a ladylike day dress with these socks for a runway-fresh look, or wear them with rolled up jeans for a casual-cool look. Dress up these socks by wearing luxxe fabric clothing to take them from grunge to glamorous, and try tighter fitting bottoms with slouch socks to refrain from looking frumpy. For warmth and trendy layering, wear them over opaque tights.

Ankle Socks

Wear mid-length, knee length, and miniskirts or dresses with this sock: make sure hems are no longer than mid-shin. Too long of skirts paired with ankle socks chop off your legs and make you look stumpy. Elongate the leg with a mini skirt, sheer ankle socks, and a neutral wedge or lace-up heels for instant appeal.

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