Insulin Pump and Fashion

Where do I put my insulin pump?

You’re a trendsetter, a fashionista, a style guru. From seasonal to downright sensational, you like to test the latest looks for cocktail parties, weekend getaways, and girl’s nights out. This is the fashion assurance all women should have; however, insulin pumps don’t always make this mindset the easiest to maintain. Many women with diabetes who wish to hide their pumps underneath their clothing find it hard to do with tighter, shorter styles. Wearing what you want should never be a chore, nor should you have to constantly think about exposure throughout the day or night. For colder seasons, some of you find it easier to tuck the pump into tights or a sock—both are huge trends with boots and heels. For warmer seasons, many of you recommend clipping the pump to your bra, sporting a pair of figure-hugging Spanx, or sewing together a garter-like strap.

It’s every woman’s prerogative to feel fabulous and flaunt tight skirts or bombshell-fitting dresses if they want to, insulin pump or not. The following articles are written by women with a few pump-hiding tricks up their sleeves to stay fashionable, happy, and healthy. The key to achieving the look you wants starts with your own comfort level, whether it’s clipping it to your waist or hiding it under your shirt. Let this advice list inspire you to confidently integrate pump wear and style into your daily routine.

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