Types of Fashion Socks

What styles of fashion socks are there?

girls knee socksKnee Highs

These are longer socks that rise between the upper shin and the knee. They can give off either a casual or dressy vibe depending on the shoe they are paired with.

thigh high socksThigh Highs

These are high-rise socks that hit mid-thigh, usually an alternative to tights. They are mostly for dressy casual or formal attire.

comfy scrunch socksSlouch Socks

These are smooth or ribbed socks that hit mid-shin when stretched out. When scrunched, their thick fabrics gathers right above the ankle and are used for a more casual feel.

ankle fashion socksAnkle Socks

These sit right at the ankle and are not to be mistaken for athletic socks. They come in delicate, thin fabrics and can be dressed up or down.

Stressed on how to wear these stylish socks? No worries, we’ve got you all covered in our how to wear sections: Fashion Sock and Shoe Trends and Clothing Choices for Fashion Socks