How to Wear Rain Boots

colored rain boots

The Wellington, designed in the 1850s to help field workers keep their feet free of mud and water, is the original rubber boot. Today, rain boots come in a variety of colors, patterns, and waterproof materials, but their goal remains the same – to keep your toes dry, no matter the circumstances.

Most rain boots have an external buckle that serves both fashion and function. Tightening these buckles will prevent water from reaching the inside of the boot. And if for some reason a few drops do make their way towards your toes, the inner lining is designed to absorb excess moisture.

Often considered the ugly duckling of the boot family, it may seem daunting to incorporate rain boots into an outfit, but it is possible to rock your rain boots and make them work for your wardrobe, rather than against it. The unexpected contrast of the bright color and rubber material can be a pleasant addition to any outfit. Just follow these styling tips and you’ll be ready to make a splash with your rainy day style!

how to wear rainboots


Wear a cute tank and a pair of cut-offs with some colorful Wellies for a casual look. Or, opt for a more sophisticated feel with a neutral color palate, high-wasted trouser shorts, and chunky accessories. If the weather is cool, layer up with a pair of black tights or knee-high socks.

Skirts & Dresses

While it may seem a little wild to pair rubber boots with a cute dress, the two can actually be a perfect match. The key is to balance the two extremes with complementary colors. Your rain boots should add to your outfit, not distract from it, so avoid bold patterns.  To ace this look, choose an A-line that falls above your knees. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color or pattern in your clothing.


Nothing says cozy quite like leggings and an oversized cardigan. To complete the look, put on a pair of comfy knee highs and a solid-colored boot. The cold and deary weather will be no match for you. For carefree summer style, trade in the cardigan for a tunic or tank.

Skinny Jeans

When it comes to rocking a pair of rain boots, skinny jeans are a girl’s best friend. Whether you’re braving a blizzard or dodging thunder-boomers, you can tuck those bad-boys into your boots without worrying that they will bunch or wrinkle. For the cooler months, incorporate an oversized sweater or trench into the look. During the summer, think color and texture. A lace top, lightweight scarf, or chunky bangles could all work to complete your look.

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