Fall/Winter Fashion A – Z

2011 Fashion Trends: Stylish Dos & Don’ts

Ankle Accents

Do accentuate those ankles during the cooler seasons by pairing wedges, platforms, and chunky heels with a pair of see-through or solid-colored ankle socks like Rihanna’s style does here. Booties or ankle to mid-calf boots that lace up are also big paired with everything from slouch socks to pantyhose. Try the ankle sock and strappy heeled runway fashions, but be sure to aim for a neutral sock that slouches around the ankle and thicker straps and heels that are weighty enough in appearance to overshadow the sock.



Leather, studs, chains, belts, and buckles are everywhere from buckled booties to belted jackets. Do vamp up classic, feminine clothing with a touch of biker—for example: leather thigh-high boots and a sparkly skirt, a flowy pleated dress and a studded purse, or leather pants and a ruffled top. For men, try a leather motorcycle jacket over preppy-er pieces like a cardigan or sweater, or throw on a pair of aviators for instant rock star appeal.

Color Blocking

A slimming, stylish way to mix and match your colorful pieces and neutral blacks and tans: pair brighter shirts or skirts (think jewel tones, neons, and burnt oranges or reds) with a neutral skirt and bright shoes, creating a “block-of-color” effect. Do play up your favorite body part with the brightest color, like a vibrant skirt and black blouse to highlight a tiny waist or black tights and bright pumps to draw the eye to killer legs. For the daring types: try bright colors head to toe like these stylish celebs working warm hues and cool colors.



Whether it’s polka dots or leopard print, dots are a definite do, and they’re not just for jackets and dresses. Do take your favorite slouchy sweater or LBD and add a dotted accessory: a polka dot scarf, a leopard handbag or flats, or retro circle sunglasses. This is the perfect way to jazz up your outfit with a mod-vintage vibe (polka dots) or a retro-elegant touch (leopard). Check out these model looks for more spotted variations.



As always, everything old is new again when it comes to fashion! This fall and winter,  do opt for vintage 30s era-inspired pieces, like mid-length skirts and square handbags or lace-up menswear heels and slouch socks. Work 70s boho wear with a flowy blouse or bell bottoms or a pair of platforms heels and bright socks. 60s mod is popping up, too, so channel Twiggy’s fashion of pleated skirts and color block dresses paired with knee high socks.

 Fancy Eyewear

Everyone’s sporting retro shades well into fall and winter seasons. The hottest looks are cat eye or round sunglasses in bright colors, bold patterns, and oversized shapes. Keep from looking too over the top by pairing retro and funky styles (Do work those Lady Gaga styles!) with classic clothing and simple footwear.


GQ’s Fall/Winter Style Guide for Men

This guide is a big fat DO for men’s fashion. We especially love the Rock the Sock and Hike it Up looks that pay special attention to fashion and dress sock trends (but hey, I guess we’re a little biased). And while we’re at it, don’t ever wear white socks with your dress pants, boys; please save them for when you’re working on that six pack!


Huggable Fabrics

Chilly breezes and blizzards make warm, huggable fabrics a definite do. Cuddle up with slouch sweaters, oversized cardigans, belted vests, and oversized jackets with all over or just a touch of silk, satin, cashmere, and—the ultimate trend—fur. Want two looks in one? Pair thigh high socks with longer, slouchy sweaters for daytime relaxing and add killer heels and a big necklace for nighttime luxury. Soft scarves are perfect for both sexes to keep necks toasty.

Indigo Blue

Bright indigo blue is definitely the new black, popping up everywhere from trenches to trousers to tights. Do blue: to make a big statement, try a vibrant blue dress or winter coat, and for smaller splashes, wear the blue hue on your arm (purses), around your neck (scarves), or on your feet (socks).


Jewel Tone

Don’t abandon this hot trend: jewel tones are a must for your wardrobe. Jade is the hottest color, followed by shades of amethyst, sapphire, and ruby.  For an elegant but modern feel, pair these colors with black and keep make-up and accessories minimal. For a wilder approach, try these tones as accent pieces—a massive emerald necklace, a ruby red jacket like these these celebs, navy tights, and plum ankle boots—with low-key clothes.


Knee Highs

Knee high socks can either be a do, don’t, or maybe, depending on what they’re paired with, but they are seasonal stylesetters for those who love shorter dresses and skirts. Do wear your knee socks with heels, but only if they are chunkier platforms; if you’re trying to pair them with summery sandals, don’t. Do wear a knit pair and have them peek out the top of taller boots (even on top of skinny jeans)—so comfy, cute, and in style. Don’t wear athletic knee socks that you would wear for soccer or other sports unless you’re lounging around the house in a big t-shirt. Maybe wear patterned or bright knee socks, but keep your shoes and the rest of your outfit simple and solid-colored. Never wear knee socks that are too tight around the top: your legs will bulge over your sock which looks painful and unflattering.


Trending now: longer lengths. Do wear a floor-length dress, a mid-length skirt, or a long jacket or vest for a classy, elegant look. Opt for pleats, satin, or sheer fabrics, and add classy touches like a white blouse tucked in, a blazer, or a metallic belt. Want to take lengths to an edgier level? Channel Kim Kardashian fashion: wear solid thigh high socks with over-the-knee boots either with a pair of skinny jeans or with a classy, understated mini dress (one that amply covers your toosh or you’ll be an instant don’t).


Modernized Menswear

Make menswear sexy and sophisticated with tight-hugging or tailored suit pieces like blazers, high-waisted skirts, and cuffed shorts. Do throw on a pair of flat or heeled oxfords with jeans, a belted floral, or striped sweater; if you’re showing some leg—skirts, flowy short dresses, and even shorts—wear the oxfords bare, with neutral colored slouch ankle socks, or with over-the-knee socks for warmth like these street styles.



Neutrals are your staple pieces for the seasons, because they can go with pretty much anything. Do throw on a neutral dress like these model looks, a khaki blazer over black pants, work a tan sweater over textured jeans, or try a camel-colored parka or trench like these fashion models. To make your shoes more fashionable, opt for a pair of neutral, knit knee socks peeking out of your slouchy boots or wear a pair of nude pumps to elongate the legs and look instantly elegant. For guys, try the neutral blazer or winter coat looks seen in men’s fashion trends.


Over-the-knee boots and socks are spotted on celebrity looks everywhere from Rachel Zoe to Diane Kruger, which means this is not just a trend to be worn on the runways. To get this look right, choose clothing and boot types that are substantial and complement the surprising look of these mile-high foot fashions. Here are a couple of easy fashion sock tips to make thigh highs a do:

  • loose combat-esque, un-laced-up, mid-calf boots; knit socks, tights or thin, patterned/lace leggings; corduroy short; baggy top partially tucked in; snug, unbuttoned blazer
  • flat, over-the-knee boots; knit socks; leggings; oversized sweater that hits mid- to upper-thigh
  • wedge heels; nylon-y socks; flowy (or snug, if you’re feeling sassy) and feminine mid-thigh dress



Plaid is the perfect mixture of preppy and retro for fall, just don’t wear a plaid or tartan skirt with your knee socks or you’ll look like Britney Spears circa 1999. That goes for plaid socks with pleated skirts, too—try a solid color, neutral sock instead. Do try a cute plaid button up over jeans or tie a plaid scarf for a casual look. To dress the pattern up a bit, throw on a fun plaid blazer, blouse, or pants and work it with heels like these fashion models and this style blogger.

Quirky Details

It’s all about the fun details: touches of lace, bows, sheer, tweed, studs, sequins, and fur. Be a no-fail do in these fall detail fashion tips by Cosmopolitan. For a splash of fun, try a statement scarf, necklace, bag or socks with these touches, and for full-out fashionista, opt for a fur on coats and vests, a sassy lace top, or throw on a sequined tank or dress and work it, girl.



Scarlet fever is fall’s infectious do: deep burgundy, siren shades, and rustic reds. Wear the color loud and proud on trench coats, leather pants, long dresses, or bright blazers in the sultry hue. For a pop-of-color, throw on a red pair of pumps, cross-body bag, or pashmina. Even incorporate this look into your beauty regimen, because a red pucker or scarlet nails has never been so hot! Flip through Elle’s “Red Alert” 2011 trend guide for ways to look crimson-chic.

Socks & Summery Sandals

Take this as a warning: this is always a fashion don’t, especially summer sandals paired with athletic or toe socks. Instead, follow these dress sock tips.


Textured Tights

Dot, zig zag, lace, stripe, checkered, knit, and bejeweled details are a desirable do with tights for fall and winter. Cover up those gams in style by trading opaque or sheer solids for textures and patterns that add unexpected class and style. For work stick with simpler patterns like dots and stripes, for nights out try more daring, loud textures like lace and zig zags, and for casual daytime cozy up with knit styles.  Pair your pretty pantyhose with pumps, menswear-inspired shoes, and flat or heeled boots of all lengths like these young celeb fashions.


Uber Sparkle

Diva it up: sparkles and sequins are perfect for glamming up any outfit, and they’re not just for the holidays. To start off slow, add subtle sparkle with a sequined belt, scarf, heels, flats or oxfords. When working those glittery pieces like on the runway, stick to one shade at a time: if you’re working gold sparkles or sequins, keep a monochromatic tone throughout your outfit—same goes for silver, black, or neutral. To stay a do, make sure you’re cautious of other textures and don’t overload an outfit with sparkle, fur, lace and leather at one time. Pair sparkles with no-fuss clothing and accessories.

Vintage Touches

Retro-chic never goes out of style, so do spruce up your wardrobes with ladylike bows, ruffles, lace, polka dots, and tulle—just don’t overdo these touches from head to toe or you’ll be retro overkill. For authentic styles, go thrifting in your area. For the perfect vintage touch trending now, try a pair of cat eye sunglasses or mod round sunglasses that are oh so Marilyn Monroe, Lennon, and Jackie O.


Wedges & Platforms

Maybe choose heeled loafers, wedge ankle booties, platform pumps, thick-strapped open-toed heels, and stacked boots (they give the illusion of thin layers of stacked wood on the heel) this fall and winter. The reason these are maybes: your sock or tights pairings need to be impeccable or these shoes will look awkward. Do either go barefoot, choose a pair of opaque or patterned tights, or wear knee socks to help balance out the heavy look of chunkier heels.  As seen in fashion street styles, ribbed or smooth scrunch socks in all shades or iridescent ankle socks look perfect with these shoe types.


X-tra Clothing

Layering is a win-win fashion do: you look trendy and can cater to your hot and cold flashes. Scarves, jackets, cardigans, t-shirts, and cropped sweaters are perfect for layering for the top half, while socks and skinny jeans or leggings are perfect for the lower half. Layer a scarf and blazer over a maxi skirt or an oversized sweater with a pair of knit socks over leggings for a comfy-cool effect. Layer color-coordinating patterns and textures like these Atlantic-Pacific and OntheRacks style blog looks for instant trendsetter status.


While the days are cold and grey, brighten up your wardrobe with rich yellows and be a fall do. Mustard is more than just for sandwiches: take a tip from Emma Stone, Blake Lively, and Pippa Middleton and wear the golden-yellow all over or as an accent piece. The best way to wear it is with black or neutral clothing or accessories.


Zooey Deschanel

The latest “It” girls like Zooey Deschanel, Emma Watson, and Emma Stone have a couple things in common: they’re quirky, cute, and classic beauties. Do take a cue from Zooey and pair classy pieces with feminine and old-fashioned vibes. For a day or work look, try a ruffled blouse or dress with a cardigan, blazer, or tweed jacket paired with retro items like oxfords, dots, floral, and plaid. For weekends and nights, opt for flowy, sheer, or pleated fabrics with modern pieces like a leather bag, feather jewelry, or a pair of bright wayfarers. She makes dressing ladylike, sophisticated, and playful look oh so lovely. Check out Polyvore’s Celebrity Style Sets to see how to dress in Zooey’s clothing confections.