Dress Socks

Dress to Impress

formal attire

Work dress codes come in all shapes and sizes. From formal and professional to relaxed and casual, it can be hard to decipher when you really can wear jeans and sandals to work.  For those of you in a more formal business atmosphere, there’s one minute detail that can make or break your outfit: your socks. Although dress socks are a tiny component in comparison to the rest of your flashy ensemble, there are a number of unwritten rules surrounding this small, but mighty, article of clothing. We took the liberty of writing these rules down for you, so you can avoid the faux pas of wearing white socks with dark trousers. Let this be your guide to choosing the right socks for your professional and dress wardrobe: choosing wisely will put that pep in your step you need to get the job done. And as our mothers always used to say, when it comes to looking impeccable in your dress pants, don’t ignore your feet.

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