Diabetic Socks

What do diabetic socks do?

Those who have diabetes wear diabetic socks because they provide special support and comfort not found in regular socks. This extra support is needed because those who have diabetes tend to have decreased blood flow in the feet, which results in less feeling. A small injury could go unnoticed by a diabetic simply because they cannot feel it. This often times results in a small cut turning into an infected wound.

Foot care is a crucial element of diabetic health that is all too often overlooked. Besides visiting a podiatrist for regular foot checkups, wearing diabetic socks is an easy way for a diabetic to keep his or her feet healthy. This guide will answer all of your questions regarding the kinds of diabetic socks, including seamless diabetic socks, support socks, over-the-calf diabetic socks, and diabetic crew socks.  More information on diabetes and foot care, along with general diabetes related information and news, can be found in our diabetes resource guide.

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