The Nail Necessities

Tips for Twinkling Toes

The last time you probably thought about your toes was a) to squeeze them into too-small-but-oh-so-perfect shoes, b) after stubbing them, c) while showing them off during sandal season, or d) to paint them.

Unfortunately for your toes, they are forgotten, used, and abused more often than you realize. Here are a few tips to properly care for these small but mighty foot features:





  • Wash your toes every day and dry thoroughly to prevent the formation of toe fungus and bacteria.
  • Soak your toes and exfoliate once a week to soften rough patches and free them of dead skin.
  • Steer clear of painful ingrown toenails: trim your nails straight across, and don’t cut them too short. For more guidance, read these Tips for Cutting Your Toenails.
  • To remove nail remove polish, use a cotton ball and not a tissue, which usually ends up creating a mess and takes twice as long to remove the polish.
  • Re-paint your toenails every couple of week to keep old polish from peeling and build-up at bay.
  • Use a protective base coat before applying color to your toenails so they’re not stained a brassy yellow.
  • Moisturize your toes and cuticles often: ashy, peeling toes are not the nicest to look at and scratchy to the touch.
  • Make sure your shoes have the proper cushioning and space needed for your big toe—the most susceptible spot for bunions. To find out more about foot discomfort, click here.
  • Protect your toenails—by wearing the proper shoes—while participating in strenuous activities, and don’t go barefoot on hard, rough surfaces like concrete and wood.
  • Let your toes breath every once in a while: regularly air them out and give them a break from heels, boots, sneakers, and other toe-constricting shoes.


Nail Debacles Debunked

Do you have dry or peeling cuticles? Toenails stained from dark polish? How about a dreaded fungal or bacterial infection?  Nail emergencies can make the difference between wanting to flaunt those feet or take cover for your toes. Try these quick-fixes from and remedy even the funkiest of misfortunes.

                SYMPTOM #1: Dry Nails and Cuticles

                SYMPTOM #2: Peeling Nails

                SYMPTOM #3: Yellowing

                SYMPTOM #4: Fungal/Bacterial Infection

                SYMPTOM #5: Ridges or White Spots

For more information on foot conditions and care, please visit our Health Guide and browse our Medical Socks section. As always, consult your doctor or podiatrist with any (big or small, because you never know!) toe questions and concerns.


Polishes Trending Now

Polish is a fashion statement, and these days, toenail trends change as often as the season. Nail color is no longer just an accent for your toes: it’s considered both a stylish accessory for your outfit and a form of self-expression. Feeling flirty? Soft pastel pinks, blues, and greiges (a grayish-beige) are so in right now. Feeling bold? Paint those toes with navy, plum, or red. Going to a holiday, birthday, or bachelorette party? Try a sparkly silver, metallic bronze, or glittery gold.

For every mood or style, there seems to be the perfect hue and fashionable accessories to match. Here are the colors trending now:

red polish · oversized aviators · thigh high socks · mini shoulder bag · circle scarf

chanel polish · cat eye sunglasses · knee-high socks · messenger bag · crinkle scarf

metallic polish · retro wayfarers · gray knee highs · small satchel · leopard print scarf

blue polish · retro sunglasses · gray socks · faux fur purse · knit loop scarf


purple polish · cat eye sunglasses · womens socks · oversized bag · fringe scarf

For more information on the latest in nail polishes, visit this guide to the 6 Coolest Nail Polish Trends, try these Luxe vs. Less Nail Polishes, or wear any color listed in this Fashion Color Report.

Still stumped on which nail polish shade to wear? Take this quiz.

If you’re looking for more on sock fashions, take a look at our Fashion & Dress Socks page. For a full list of the hottest fashion trends, explore the Fall/Winter Fashion A to Z Guide.


Nail Inspirations

The nail polish niche is constantly growing, and the potential for fabulous-looking toes is now just a mouse click away. For all of the computer-savvy nail polish lovers out there, there are a bevy of bloggers and websites that test out the latest trends, designers, and polishes, review them, and give you the lowdown on which ones work best for your next mani or pedi.

Here’s a list of our favorite nail bloggers and resources we just can’t get enough of. We know you’ll be just as obsessed as we are:



Want to you how to keep your feet healthy and pretty? Study up on your Foot Health.