Medical Socks

Sole Survivors

For many people, socks aren’t simply a fashion statement or just for warming up your toes. Socks, particularly compression socks and diabetic socks, are an integral part of the treatment for medical diseases.

Many ask if there is a difference between diabetic socks and compression socks and the answer is, absolutely! Diabetic socks are completely different from compression socks in that compression socks are meant to be tight and not so thick. They are usually made from a compressing fabric such as spandex, lycra, or rubber and are meant to apply pressure in a certain area of the leg, ankle or foot.

Diabetic socks, on the other hand, are thicker, but breathable, with extra padding in the heal area. The goal of diabetic socks is to provide extra comfort to the leg and foot. They are typically loose fitting and have no seams which could cause blisters.

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