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By | October 15, 2017

The socks you wear say a lot about your personality. People who are always careful with what they put on often dress in a way that reflects their mood for the day. Some may wear bright colors when they are feeling excited or happy, and some may choose to wear monochromatic tops when they are down in the dumps.

Do you want to know what your socks say about you? Here’s a fun list.

  1. Knee High Socks - When a girl put on knee high socks, she might be a Catholic member. When they were younger, they must have taken it as some restrictions, but as these girls age, they learn to respect these knee-high socks by personalizing them. Some would draw on them, and some would even have the socks hand painted. They learned to turn boring and traditional party dresses into fun socks!
  2. Classic Socks - Older or mature people tend to wear brown or black classic socks. These people are classic, decent or seemingly rude. They may be a bit rigid in body language and like to show power and authority.
  3. Socks With Holes - If you see someone wearing socks with holes, this means that the person wearing them can be a miser. It may also mean that he is adventurous and ready to go beyond the boundaries.
  4. Crazy Prints – When you see someone wearing crazy socks (or funky socks), then that person can be crazy – really crazy. The print can give you a hint about the wearer’s interest, profession, and other interests. For example, a woman wearing socks with an airplane prints might be a want-to-be pilot.
  5. Bright Socks - When you see someone wearing bright colored socks, it shows that person is a happy person. You might even be surprised to find that some people from the corporate world are wearing stripes of orange, yellow, red, and pink fashion socks. This means that even if the rest of their appearance requires respect and authority, their socks come out as their outlet for being happy and optimistic.
  6. White Socks - Did you know that the friendliest color is white? It means peace and calmness. People who love white socks can be very special about their cleanliness or a safe playing person. The person may be scared to take risks and always adhere to the standards.
  7. Mismatched Socks - You are party dresses incredibly lazy, or you are a true free spirit who refuses to be dictated by social norms. You are a confident, independent, a visionary and perhaps a slob, but you are turning heads and making one helluva statement.
  8. Stripes Socks – These are worn by those who like to flirt with a more relaxed tone, but prefer the security of formalities. It is popular for those who want to strike a deal where creativity and business sense must go hand in hand.
  9. Odd Socks - For someone who intends to go with the trend. Your choice of odd socks is either a careless habit or because you are never interested in looking out a pair. They still manage to make a style statement.

What socks are you wearing right now?

More Men Opting for Stylish Socks

By | July 22, 2014

Colorful socks have solidified their place as a must-have in the stylish man’s wardrobe.

The Wall Street Journal reported recently on the trend of more men ditching the drab browns and blacks and greys in ther workplace socks for fun, colorful, and whimsical socks.  Apparently the trend originated in athletics in the mid-2000’s, and socks for every other occasion have followed suit.  While there is always the time and place for a traditional dress sock, many work places, even fairly conservative ones, have seen men opting to express themselves with socks that match their personalities.  In places that require suits, the tie was seen as one of the few items a man could personalize, but it is now open season on socks.  It still takes skill to match more colorful or patterned socks to suits and outfits, but with our large selection of men’s dress socks, you can pick out multiple socks for much cheaper than the $14-$18 per pair that the Wall Street Journal reports some are paying for a single pair.

Click to read the full Wall Street Journal Article: More Men Step Out in Stylish Socks

Sock it to Me! Spring Looks Inspired By Fashion Bloggers

By | February 27, 2013

All too often, we think of socks as just a necessity and miss the opportunity to make a statement with this quirky accessory. This spring, we’re excited to see many of our favorite fashion bloggers incorporating socks into their coveted looks. Don’t believe us? We’ve compiled our absolute favorites to share with our beloved Heel to Toe fans! Take a cue (or two!) on how to wear socks with your wardrobe this season:

Mix Patterns

Mix winter sweaters with spring patterns and socks!

In early spring, it’s still too cool to hop into a light dress (sans tights, that is). We love this look by Kendi Everyday, perfectly implementing the mix-and-match trend along with her cute socks. Mix a colorblocked sweater with printed skinnies, striped crew socks, and stylish wedge booties for a look that is both fun and flirty.

Go Vintage

Knee high socks and vintage spring dress!

We’re loving the vintage vibe of this look from Steffy’s Pros and Cons! With a perfect combination of old and new, Steffy mixes a seersucker pleated dress with over-the-knee socks, loafers, and an adorable red headband for a splash of color. These socks are not only modest, but also add a little extra coverage for those chilly spring days. We love these ruffled over the knee socks for their girly embellishment!

Give ‘Em the Boot

Casual-cute way to wear socks with boots and a dress!

Boot socks are all the craze, and we’re loving the mix of brights in this look by Anna James of FashBoulevard. Boot socks were in high demand this fall/winter, and we love any way to push this trend into spring! As the weather warms, mix a light chambray shirt or jacket with a flowy dress, knee-high boots, and solid color knee socks.

Play Dress Up

Wear socks with heels and dresses for spring!

We found this gorgeous sock inspiration at Liminas Magazine! While we don’t often see the look in day-to-day life, the trend of wearing socks with dresses and heels is growing on us. Be bold this spring and combine a feminine, pleated dress with a pair of cozy quarter socks and strappy sandals for a fun and flirty look!

Add Layers

Sock inspiration for spring!

With the unpredictable weather patterns of spring, layering is a must! This fab look by The Wicked Ying provides a perfect compliment of mixed prints, layers, and comfy socks. Combine printed, high-waisted shorts with a top in an alternate print, a bright blazer, strappy sandals, and white socks much like these uber affordable ankle socks.

Jazz up Those Wedding Socks

By | January 10, 2013

When it comes to “The Big Day,” your bride has most likely been scouring Pinterest and bridal magazines for fun and unique ways to make your wedding extra special. While the attention may be mostly on her beautiful dress (and those of the bridesmaids), the groom and his groomsmen can find fun ways to stand out as well. While boutonnieres and ties are more obvious options, those wishing to add an extra touch may opt for statement wedding socks. Hidden during the ceremony, these great accessories make for fun and unique wedding photos.

Check out these ways to add flair to your wedding attire via socks!

Patterns: Argyle & Stripes

argyle wedding socks

striped wedding socks

Patterned socks are always a winner, and they offer you nearly limitless possibilities. Because wedding socks are simply for fun, there is no need to worry about looking silly. Does your wedding have a specific theme? Think tiny palm trees for a beach wedding, autumn leaves for a fall wedding, or simply opt for a classic pattern such as argyle and stripes. These men’s argyle socks and striped dress socks (or even smaller, more subtle patterns) are affordable and available in varying colors.

Something Blue

something blue socks for groom

Keep in mind that your bride needs “something blue.” Coordinating her blue wedding shoes with fun, blue dress socks makes for adorable wedding keepsakes like the one above. Don’t limit yourself to just blue. You can choose coordinating shoes and socks of any color!

Coordinate With Ties & Flowers

wedding socks

Matching your ties and flowers with your socks is a fun and stylish way to incorporate color without going overboard. Choose a color and give each groomsman a varying shade like in the photo above.

A Pop Of Color

neon wedding socks

Wedding socks are a great opportunity to play with color to liven up an otherwise drab suit. These lime green socks are super fun, super affordable, and can be purchased in virtually endless colors.

bright wedding socks

Dress up your groomsmen's socks with fun colors

Most importantly, take this opportunity to have fun with your friends and family before, during, and after the ceremony. You may be surprised to discover that something as insignificant as crazy wedding socks can make for unforgettable memories!

Images: Wedding Chicks, Ruffled, Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Poppytalk, Jim Kennedy Photographers, DarlinsDesserts, Satin and Snowflakes

Celebrate in Style: Your 2012 Holiday Fashion Guide

By | November 1, 2012

The glitz and glamour of the holidays is officially upon us, and as your schedule for the next couple of months fills up with yuletide celebrations, office gatherings, and saucy soirees, you’re going to need the perfect party attire. Have no fear, because the fashion team at Heel to Toe has got you covered. This season is stressful enough without having to think of what to wear for the holidays, so here’s our gift to you: affordable style inspirations that’ll make you sparkle brighter than the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. From the perfect party dresses—luxxe fabrics, classic prints, and colorful frocks are perfect!—to the trendiest accessories (chic clutches, retro sunglasses, and knee high socks are so in), we’re sure you’ll make the season’s best-dressed list. Tis the season to look fabulous.

Happy Holidays little fashionistas!



2012 holiday fashion

tank · clutch purse · dress · necklace · retro sunglasses · skirt · black socks

2012 Holiday fashion

black dress · purse · coral dress · necklace · oversized sunglasses · cream dress · thigh highs

holiday 2012 dress picks

ruffle dress · black handbag · red dress · necklace · sunglasses · skirt · knee high socks

2012 holiday dresses

flowy dress · clutch · fur scarf · leopard dress · cat eye sunglasses · wrap dress · argyle knee socks

2012 holiday attire

pink dress · purse · yellow dress · bracelet · blue dress · round sunglasses · silk scarf  · skirt  · thigh high socks